So You Think You Can Dance.

My husband took me on a date morning instead of  the usual date night. We woke up early as our reservation was an hour before sunrise. With camera and our coffee thermos in hand we walked about half a mile headed to our destination. I was surprised to hear the sounds of Looove in the air well before sunup. It was a beautiful morning and there was no wind. No wind in South Dakota? Yes there is a God. We crawled into our little love shack, poured our first cup of coffee and things started to get interesting. Alright, this post is beginning to sound like “Fifty Shades of Creepy”  I will just get to it. My sweet husband set up reservations to watch the mating rituals of the South Dakota Prairie Chicken, hence, my “So You Think You Can Dance” post title. These little guys could bust some serious moves along with the ability to make the sound of a herd of buffalo coming over the horizon with the booming of their little feet. All of this reminded me of my daughters favorite show “So You Think You Can Dance”. Thanks honey for the perfect morning!

If you would like more information on the South Dakota Prairie Chicken click here and for a  short video of some of the action we observed from our viewing blind on the South Dakota  Fort Pierre National Grasslands.



April 20, 2015 - 5:36 pm

Nicole - National geographic needs your number!!!

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