A Lotta Bull and Horsin Around!

I was out taking photos this weekend for a photo challenge I was planning on entering. I ran across these big boys just waiting for me to take their photo. Thank goodness I was not wearing red. I also got a quick shot of these 3 curious horses about a block from my house.

Guilty as Charged!

Sorry I have been such a pathetic blogger. I will make a conscious effort to post more photos and keep my blog up to date. I will be taking some senior pictures in the coming weeks, and will post highlights for all to see.

Independence Day in Small town USA

All my kids made it home for the annual 4th of July celebration.  My son brought home his friend Anthony who lives in Texas.  The kids had fun 4 wheeling, visiting with classmates, going to West Bend Recreation Area for some swimming,  the annual fireworks display and ended the day with some dancing at the street dance on Main.


This wagon was restored by Mark Hanson from Rochester, Minnesota.  It was just a pile of boards when he started.  The owners  are Jessens from Highmore, South Dakota.

Back seat driver view.


Annual West Bend Recreation Area 4th of July Parade.  Obama and the not so Secret Service.


I could play this game forever and ever…your legs aren’t too bad either!

go fetch

I thinks someone is about to get dunked.


I could play this game forever and ever…


Meanwhile back at the ranch!  Sure is hard to pin down this one to get a picture

Casey and Anthony wondering where lunch is.                                                                  

OOOOOOOH……Ahhhh. The End!